Dead on Arrival

As a struggling single parent trying to make ends meet, 24 year old, Teressa Collins worked long hours as a paramedic for St. Rose Hospital on the Southside of Chicago.  In her profession Teressa has responded to some of the heinous calls, but nothing could prepare her for the dispatch call so tremendously shocking concerning her six year old daughter that ends fatal.


Overwhelmed by grief for the loss of her child Teressa goes on a muderous rampage.  In the midst of being apprehended by police, Teressa is killed in front of the same hospital that she delivered her victims to.


13 years after Teressa’s death people are being viciously murdered and left in the E.R. parking lot of St. Rose wearing toe tags with the initials T.C. written on them.


Teressa’s former co-worker, Cliff Nelson, opened a private investigation firm and believes that there is a copyat murderer on the loose instead of the urban legend that Teressa Collins was never laid to rest.  With the city on high alert, everyone is being cautious not wanting to be left a victim in the parking lot of St. Rose hospital Dead on Arrival.

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